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Soul Public Radio - Bringing Culture Back To The Community - Linking The Past To The Present.

Soul Public Radio music programming is very eclectic consisting of Blues, Jazz, Funk, R&B, Neo-Jazz, Hip Hop, Latin,  and House. If you love good upbeat music, this is the place to be. We hope your experience here is enjoyable, insightful, and thoughtful.

Company Overview:
Soul Public Radio is for those who seek influential music. Our goal is to play the best music of past/present time. We hope that our programming, and music selections can provide a positive listening experience for music lovers worldwide.

Format: Soul, Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop & House
Hours of Operation: 24 Hours
Commercial Load: 1-5 Units Per Hour
Soul Public Radio is a internet station broadcasting in Los Angeles owned and operated by Jesse Pinkney of  X-RoVision spanning over 10 years
Soul Public Radio has a eclectic sound with the best of urban music, specialty shows, and Dj mixes
Soul Public Radio is targeted to an audience of adults 18-65
Soul Public Radio is a Community Station, linking a diverse populations worldwide.