Dj & Music Curator:

 Jesse X-Ro Pinkney / Cal JaDah


Top 40, Jazz, R&B Soul Classics, Hip Hop, Soulful & Jazzy House, 80's & 90's , Disco, Funk, electronic vibes.

Audio & Sound Services
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Music Curation - Audio & Sound - Music Production 

X-RoVision specializes in all event types, and can cover all your event needs. If you need a Dj, Audio Technician or need a PA system for special events, presentations, and workshops we got you covered.

Our customer service to our clients is delivered with a focus and commitment to total customer satisfaction. We offer reasonable rates based on your event needs and will work with you to ensure our services far exceed your expectations and offer your guests an enjoyable event to remember.

Services Offered:

Dj / Music Curator - Our Dj’s play music at events and can also broadcast music via internet radio streams. We play multiple music genres, from soul classic and funk, rap and hip hop, disco to house, and Top 40 & Rock. Typical our responsibilities include creating playlists, mixing music tracks, interacting with the public, taking song requests, hosting, and taking part in promotional activities.

Audio & Sound - X-RoVision provides audio & sound for all your event needs. We use world class QSC sound systems for all customers from small to large engagements. Our setup is great for speaking engagements, public/private events, dance parties and outdoor gatherings.

Services Includes:

    •    Quality audio and sound

    •    Audio Technician

    •    DJ / Music Curator / Host

    •    Knowledge of music & audio equipment

    •    Live Broadcasting (additional fees apply)

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